Pantry Cafe

They had me at ‘red velvet latte’

Fridays are probably my most favourite day of the week. We’ve kind of set a ritual of being early birds and catching a good breakfast/brunch (accomplishing life goals of testing and tasting). Most times, we end up selecting a restaurant or cafe from the Entertainer app, which has some really awesome offers that makes eating out even more fun (read: saving money has its perks).

How do we chose the destination of gluttony? We pick 2-3 places depending on how far P is willing to drive, check out the reviews on Zomato and then spend a good amount of time stalking the food and cafe pics. Pantry Cafe looked welcoming and they pretty much had me at “red velvet latte”. Seriously, I think I’ve been living under a rock not to know it exists. The heavenly-looking brew had to be had.


With it’s filament bulbs, exposed pipes and up-cycled decor, Pantry Cafe’s industrial interiors give it a good ol’ neighbourhood vibe that is welcoming. We quickly settled in and ordered for the Breakfast Bruschetta for him and the Pantry’s Breakfast Bombs for me ’cause imma the bomb (lame, I know!). We both ordered fries as a side ’cause it was fry-day (lame AGAIN!) but you have the option to pick a salad. I struggled to finish mine because it was so filling, but both are meals were legit good and honestly I can’t find anything to pick on.

I wish we had space for more because their treats (read: desserts) have some fancy ingredients going for them. Does pistachio brittle, smoked berry ice-cream and matcha white chocolate cream sound tempting? It does, doesn’t it? Or I would try one of those exploding shakes- you know the one where everything is pouring out from the sides!

Would P and I go here again? Yes, yes, yes.

You can get all their deets here.

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