Van Gogh Alive

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars make me dream”- Vincent Van Gogh

I started my weekend with the most amazing experience at the Van Gogh Alive exhibition that was taking place at Dubai Design District. When I say “amazing”, its only because I’m not sure what other word to use to describe this experience.

I’ve attended interactive art shows before, but this one was pretty much a game changer. Maybe it’s because Vincent Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists or because I’ve truly never felt so ‘involved’ at an exhibition before, let on alone rave on about it. I attended the show alone which in hindsight was a good decision, only because I found myself getting carried away with other thoughts.

When you enter the exhibition you’re welcomed by a few prominent paintings of Van Gogh, of which I knew only a handful, a life size replica on his room in Agnes which inspired a lot of his paintings and information boards narrating Van Gogh’s remarkable yet short-lived life. You’re then led into a room filled with huge screens that take you through his paintings and life. Here you can choose to cosy up on a bean bag or sit on a chair. I, of course chose the bean bag, settled in my butt and stayed here for the next (very blissful) 45 minutes. The screens projected quotes, of which the aforementioned was my most favourite. My exact thoughts.

I came to Dubai to join P (the husband) whose been here for five years. I left behind a job, friends, my home (that I love so much) and familiarity (what I miss the most). Though I’m already calling Dubai home, there’s all kinds of uncertainty lurking behind me. “When will I get a job?” is probably my most asked question nowadays, but I’m also learning to stress less (in the pursuit of a job) and enjoy the ‘bonus’ time to explore this beautiful city.

Attending this exhibition definitely makes it to my highlight feature! Also, thank you Van Gogh and your stars, for that tiny moment of revelation (art therapy for 75 dhs is so worth it!).

For more information on the exhibition, go here.

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