Disclaimer: Sugar Rush Ahead

“Ah, sugar, sugar”

A while back I remember these rose-shaped gelatos popping up on the gram which immediately triggered a sugar hunt to find myself the prettiest gelato one could possibly have. The mystery was solved and I found myself taking the tram to Dubai Marina Mall on a hot hot day (32°c to be precise), all in the name of gelato. Worth it, worth it, worth it.

If you’re in Dubai and want to get your hands on one of these, find yourself the nearest Amorino who rightly call themselves artisanal gelato makers! Fancy or what?  With lots of flavours on offer, they allow you to customise your gelato! You can pick a flavour or three, even pop on a macaroon (they have tricoloured ones too) and pick a cone size (I despise you if you’re the kind to ask for a cup).

My order of the day was what summer looks like on a cone- mango and coconut! Light, refreshing and with a burst of flavour, my pretty gelato lasted .128789 secs only (got weird looks from passersby). I didn’t ask for a macaroon, but next time, I’m ordering large with a tricoloured macaroon (judge me if you like!).

It ended my heart melting along with some sticky hands. Also, if you’re a vegan ninja, then Amorino hears you too. They’re so cool (pun intended).

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