Plant Shopping – The Dubai Edit

Plant yourself where you will bloom…

If you’re a part of the Jungalow movement, then this post is for you my green-fingered friend. When we were setting up our little-but-cute studio, I was VERY adamant (maybe bordering annoying) that we would be parents to a few green babies. I said a few, but I really meant a houseful of them! If you’ve been to Dubai, you might have noticed aisles and aisles of artificial plants, but because I’m a little of a plant snob, I was sure that we were going to adopt some plants, we were in it for the real deal.

For someone whose never bought plants here, it was quite exciting to drive a few extra miles to find the best plant nurseries in Dubai that won’t burn a hole in our pocket. Almost like a mini adventure in the pursuit of some good ol’ greens.

Our first stop was Dubai Garden Centre, which really is quite hard to miss since it’s got massive real estate next to Sheik Zayed Road. We went here to grab a quick bite at the Roseleaf Cafe before embarking on our quest for greenery. To be honest, I really couldn’t focus much on the food (though vaguely I recall the salmon bagel being good) ’cause all the plants were whispering to me “we’ve got oxygen on the green side”. For real. Bellies filled, we started with the house plants and honest-to-God, I think I’ve been truly left in dark. Why has the universe shielded so much from me? Why?

There were plants that legit looked like they were brought in from the sets of Avatar! It was heaven. At one point, P insisted I stop with the oohs-and-aahs. I tried, but I couldn’t! While the variety of plants in all shapes, sizes, colours are truly outstanding, our budget (’cause we’re adulting) didn’t allow for the slightly higher prices. And like a true newbie to Dubai, at that time I was converting everything back to rupees, so yeah, the plants would have to wait. However, if there was a particular plant that you’re looking for, say like a monstera, then you’ll be sure to find it here. I’d like to say that Dubai Garden Centre is probably the alpha of the all the plant nurseries here. I spent half a day here just admiring the plants, but sadly it thyme to leave.

P made a few quick calls cause he’s such a good husband and found our next green destination which is the teeny-tiny Euro Coorg Landscaping Co LLC (the Bangalorean in me got exited at this) that’s located in Al Sufouh Road. Small yet sufficient, this place has a slightly common plants that are perfect when you’re looking for just a few plants to spruce up your home. Fairly cheaper than Dubai Garden Centre but still not your cheapest *sigh*. We picked up our first plants from here- a bougainvillea (that’s flourishing and reminds me of home), house palms (cause they’re a safe player), a little cactus that has a yellow floral crown and looks like she’s ready for Coachella and 1 dirham flower plants just cause its a bargain! So far, I’ve managed to be a nurturing parent and not killed a single one *pats own back*.

Once we got our babies home, I found myself tossing and turning at night annoyed with myself for not having picked up more plants. Woke up the next day, made tea for P and sweetly asked for more.

Weekend numero dos, we went to what I’ll call my plant sanctuary. Ladies and gentlemen, a good recommendation for buying plants here is the Dubai Plant Souk which is located right behind Dragon Mart. If Jungalow-inspired homes are what you’re going for then you’re sure to pick up a truckload of plants here for very little money. I went c-r-a-z-y here (alert: wild woman on the hunt). We went to one plant shop and bought a few more indoor plants, cause our balcony is literally just a foot wide. We picked up a few smaller plants for the Ikea gold and straw pots that were bought way before the arrival of these precious (Gollum voice) little greens. I’m not sure what these plants are called, but stay glued to my gram and you’ll be sure to spot them. Also, take note that we bought the most plants from here and spent the least (by a couple of hundreds) which makes this place a real winner for us.

P doesn’t know this yet, but we’re definitely going to make another trip here sometime soon to pick up more plants (say like 100).

Also, just cause I lurve to share my thoughts and maybe someone might want to get me say a “housewarming” present, I’m looking out for a monstera plant, mother-in-law’s tongue (yeah, that’s a plant, don’t actually get me your MIL’s tongue) and a polka dot plant (yup, this one exists too!). Thank you so much in advance. Kisses.

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