Hello! My name is …

Hi Guys! I’m so happy you stumbled here.

This is me (wearing an exceptionally cheerful yellow dress and smiling at nobody in the corner of the room). My name is Namrata (or call me Nami) and I recently moved to Dubai, the land of all things golden! A month into my move here I found myself falling in love with this city (60% is because the husband is here) and the experiences it gave me. From gastroventures to making a home to exploring Instagram-worthy destinations, I’ve found my spirit and body sings and sheikhs *giggle* to a sweet song here.

With places to see, meals to be had and memories to be made, I feel the need to leave digital breadcrumbs here so that in the future, we can look back at all that made us happy.  Along with that I’m going to share ALL the things I love about Dubai ( hence Dubae), along with the occasional recipe, home decor inspiration, rant and cute cat picture right here with you. Come along with me, so we (yes, you and me) can find love in the little and grander things this city has to offer.

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